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Are you in search of reliable and quality concrete finishes for your project?
Look no further than Advance Concrete Sunshine Coast! Whether residential or commercial, our dedicated staff are here to ensure the job is done right – on time and within budget.
An attractive finish can often make or break a project completion deadline. Why not use an experienced team like Advanced Concrete which provides the strong foundation needed for any successful result? They’ll save time and cost by meeting deadlines without sacrificing quality.
Contact us today for a free consultation about your next project! We look forward to providing you with impeccable, high-quality service every step of the way!


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    Types of concrete finishes

    Concrete finishes refer to the various techniques and treatments applied to concrete surfaces. Standard finishes include stamping, staining, polishing, and painting. Different finishes are best suited for specific applications such as driveways, walkways, patios, or commercial buildings.
    Stamping can add texture and decorative elements to the surface, making it more visually appealing.
    Concrete staining involves applying a colourant or pigment to the concrete, resulting in a unique, marbled look.
    Polishing is grinding and buffing the concrete to give it a glossy, smooth finish. It is an ideal option for driveways, walkways, and other areas that require a durable surface.

    How to choose the right finish for your project

    The right type of concrete finish for your concrete will depend on the following factors;

    • The type of project you are undertaking
    • The budget and timeline for the project
    • The desired look and feel of your concrete

    Ultimately, the choice of finish should be based on a combination of these factors. If cost is a significant concern, stamping or staining may be more suitable than polishing. On the other hand, polishing may be the ideal option if you aim for a high-end look and feel.

    Concrete finishing

    How to care for and maintain your concrete finish

    Concrete on concrete

    The care needed in concrete finishes is minimal; you will need to;

    – Sweep or brush to remove dirt and debris
    – Mop with light detergent when necessary
    – Reapply sealer every few years for extra protection
    – Use only mild cleaners to help preserve the finish

    The benefits of using a concrete finish

    Concrete finishes give you the following benefits;


    Concrete finishes can improve the strength and durability of your concrete, making it more resistant to weathering, cracking, and staining.


    A concrete finish can make your project look stylish and attractive. It can even be customised to match your space.


    Finishes such as stamping or polishing require minimal maintenance, allowing you to enjoy the look and feel of your project for years to come.


    Concrete finishes provide an economical solution, with most options being relatively inexpensive compared to other materials.


    With concrete finishes, you can choose from various designs and colours to customize the look according you your preferences.

    Projects that can use concrete finish

    The application spaces for concrete finishes are endless. They include;
    – Fireplaces and mantels
    – Pools and spas
    – Patios and decks
    – Driveways
    – Exterior walls

    Why choose us for your concrete finish projects?

    Are you looking for a reliable and professional concrete finisher?
    Advance Concrete Sunshine Coast specializes in providing superior finishes perfect for any project. Our experienced team of specialists will attend to your every need throughout each process step, ensuring that we provide an outstanding result according to your specifications.
    No matter what size or scope, Advance Concrete Sunshine Coast can deliver exceptional concrete results – guaranteed! From polished floors to outdoor driveways and patios, whatever you need – our skilled hands can make it happen.
    Contact us today for a free quote on all your concreting needs! Let us show why Advance Concrete Sunshine Coast is one of Queensland’s leading concrete finishers.


      Advance Concrete Sunshine Coast Google Reviews and Trust Badge

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